Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl SnacksIt’s Super Bowl Week!

On Monday I shared my cookie recipes for game-day ready treats (see the recipes for Denver’s Orange Crush Swirls and Carolina’s Panther Shortbread here). But every Super Bowl party needs more than just awesome cookies, and Super Bowl Snacks are a must!

Everyone has their favorite game day snacks. Some like wings, others chili or beer cheese soup (or is that just a Packer fan thing?), and I can’t get enough chips and guac. For the Super Bowl, we decided to go in a slightly different direction, picking snacks that honored our favorite teams and players.

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Super Bowl Cookies

Super Bowl CookiesSuper Bowl 50 is right around the corner, and whether you’re an avid football fan, or in it for the commercials, you’ll probably be tuning in to watch on Sunday night.

I love sports, including football. I’m looking forward to cheering on my team, the Denver Broncos. I might be a Minnesota girl, but my cousin Daniel is a huge Broncos fan, and after years of watching sports together, coupled with too many heart-breaking losses for the Minnesota Vikings, I finally converted to the Orange Side. Even though the Broncos are my team, the Carolina Panthers have had a great season, and they are definitely a fun team to watch. It should be a great game!

Sports fan or not, everyone can agree that Super Bowl snacks are one of the important parts of the evening. In preparation, I’ve baked up special treats for the big game- Super Bowl cookies for each team. There’s no need to pick a side- these cookies are delicious for everyone.

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