Summer Vegetable Bake

 summer vegetable bake

Welcome to summer, friends! I took an unplanned blog-hiatus in May to attend to some family things, and while it was great to spend more time with my family, it feels so good to be back!

One of my favorite things about summer is fresh vegetables! There’s nothing better than coming home with delicious local produce from the farmer’s market. It might still be a little too early for the farmer’s market near me, but with my favorite veggies on sale at the grocery store, I’m basking in all the summery recipes. Zucchini has been on sale at the grocery store, and the vegetable crisper in my refrigerator is overflowing with fresh veggies- a wonderful problem to have. We’ve been experimenting with just about every way to eat zucchini, and this summer vegetable bake is one of my favorites!

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Chicken and Spinach Flautas

chicken spinach flautasDelightfully crispy, and packed with flavor, I find flautas impossible to resist. My husband will tell you I order them at restaurants at almost every opportunity I get. As much as I love flautas, the nutritional information is hard to stomach. Deep fried and greasy, these tasty and crispy tacos contain an inordinate amount of fat. I was so excited to find this healthy alternative. These chicken and spinach flautas are still perfectly crispy, but they are baked instead of fried. We were skeptical about the spinach filling, but it is delicious.

These flautas are great for dinner, but can also be served as an appetizer or snack. Enjoy these flavorful flautas without the grease of deep fried versions. Trust me, you’ll fall in love.

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Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

Apple Cinnamon SmoothieI’ve never understood how people can skip breakfast. I’ve always been a morning person, and I wake hungry and ready to start my day. One problem is cereal doesn’t keep me full. By the time 10:00 rolls around, I’m foraging through my desk for a granola bar.

One of my breakfast favorites is a smoothie, where I can pack in plenty of healthy foods to keep me going until lunch. This Apple Cinnamon Smoothie is one of my favorites. Not a huge fan of spinach? That’s the best part- you can’t even taste it.

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Spinach Quiche

Spinach QuicheSpinach Quiche, Quiche aux épinards

When I studied abroad in France, I lived with a host family. The French word for host family is famille d’accueil, literally “welcome family”. My host family took this role very seriously. The day I arrived, they threw a huge party and invited all their friends to come meet their awkward, sleep deprived, jet-lagged American daughter. From the moment I was picked up from the airport, I was woven seamlessly into their family, participating in every meal and family event, voting on selections for movie night and my favorite- baby sitting.

One day, my host mom asked me to help my four year old host brother to make a quiche. I agreed, expecting to do most of the work while he helped mix or find spices. I was terribly wrong. Upon entering the kitchen, Nils asked me to turn on the oven and dice an onion for him- he’s not allowed to touch the oven or knives. I happily complied. He looked over my shoulder as I prepared the onion. “Those pieces look big, maybe you should mince it?”. I raised an eyebrow. What four year old knows the word for mince? He was lucky I knew the word for mince. He went back to discussing the plot of Ice Age 4, and I returned to my onion.

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