Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

peanut butter and banana smoothieSmoothies are my favorite breakfast during the summer. They are quick and easy to make, and portable for mornings on the go. I also love their versatility- I make a smoothie almost every morning for breakfast and never get bored.

My go-to has always been peanut butter and banana smoothie with a little chocolate (because everything is better with chocolate). Such a delicious combination, and the perfect fuel for a busy morning or post-workout snack. However, when I started paying more attention to what I was eating, I realized my favorite “healthy” smoothie wasn’t as nutritious as I had though. With a big dollop of peanut butter, sugary yogurt and the occasional chocolate chips, it was more like ice cream than a healthful smoothie.

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Roasted Cauliflower

roasted cauliflower
Confession: I love snacks. As a kid, I asked for my “afternoon snack” as soon as I walked in the door. My favorite snacks were crackers, popcorn and chips & cheese (tortilla chips topped with melted shredded cheese). As an adult, I still love my afternoon snacks, but I try to be more mindful of what I’m eating and opt for healthier snacks. Riding the light rail train home from work last week, I found myself craving roasted cauliflower. ROASTED CAULIFLOWER. My 8-year-old self would be horrified.

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