Apple and Cucumber Quinoa Salad

Apple & Cucumber Quinoa Salad

After a long and rainy April, it seems like summer is finally here in Minnesota! The forecast predicts today will be 86 degrees and gloriously sunny, and I am enjoying every minute of the sunshine, blue skies, and bright May flowers. This weekend I’m boxing up the last of my sweaters to make room in my closet for sundresses and shorts, and exchanging my boots for sandals. My wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needed a change for spring- so did my menu. Winters in Minnesota call for soups and casseroles- something warm and hearty to fill you up and keep cozy on a chilly night. Spring calls for something bright and refreshing, like fruit or a colorful salad. I found both in this quinoa salad.

Have you ever been served something delicious and felt the need to rush home and recreate it? A few weeks ago, I attended a work event and was served the most delicious quinoa salad. It was colorful and packed with flavor, and much better than any quinoa salad I’d had before. I swung by the grocery store on my way home, determined to have the same amazing salad the next day. After several attempts (and many tasty, but not quite perfect, misses), I’m proud to share my version. This quinoa salad has only a handful of ingredients- most of them might already be in your pantry!

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