Greek Tacos

greektacos - 20sqtxtEveryone loves gyros, but they are so time-consuming to make! Preparing the meat is a long and complicated process, and there’s no way I have time to roast lamb on a spit for a weeknight meal. My family was out enjoying gyros at a local restaurant when someone remarked that gyros are kind of like Greek tacos. Meat, vegetables, sauce served in a folded piece of bread. The observation gave my mom a brilliant idea- instead of trying to make gyros, why not make Greek tacos instead?

The results were delicious. Instead of trying to imitate the slow roasted meat traditionally served on gyros, my mom prepared ground beef with gyro-appropriate spices. The meat looks like something you’d find in a taco, but tastes like gyros! It’s a very simple trick, but very effective. You could also use ground lamb for an even more authentic flavor. The other components are simple to prepare. Mom’s tzatziki sauce is delicious and oh-so-easy to prepare. Pick up your favorite pita bread from the grocery store and slice tomato, onion and cucumber for toppings and you’re done!

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