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A French classic meets American impatience in a chocolatey match made in heaven. Or a blender. I love chocolate. I love French things. I could eat chocolate mousse by the pint. And I was not in the mood to make mousse the proper old fashioned way. I winged it, and tried making mousse in the blender. The results were delicious. I still prefer my traditional recipe, but this one is great to whip up when you a need a dessert to impress, but have no time. Print Yum Quick and Easy Chocolate Mousse Yield: 4 Servings Ingredients1 cup chocolate chips- dark chocolate is my favorite, but you can use whatever you have on hand 2 eggs- room temperature is best, but it will still work

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Chocolate Sangria Cake

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My parents were out of town this past weekend, and Luke and I volunteered to dog sit. Our apartment doesn’t allow pets, so it usually makes the most sense to pack up our bags and spend the weekend at my parents’ house. Gunnar, the family dog, loves this arrangement. Long walks, trips to the park, hours of playing tug of war with Luke- what’s not to love? Whenever we dog sit, my mom makes a list of food we should use, lest it goes bad before it she returns. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, a new kind of cereal my dad didn’t like; these are all typical list items that Luke and I are happy to use. This time, the list included something unusual: Sangria. Sangria

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