Breakfast Egg Cups

Breakfast Egg CupsEating a good breakfast is so important for fueling the rest of the day. When I was in college, I’d always get an omelette filled with fresh vegetables from the dining hall. An omelette would always keep me full through my classes and I wasn’t tempted to buy snacks from the vending machine. However, now that I’m in my own kitchen, I don’t have someone else to chop vegetables and do the dishes, and I simply don’t have time to make an omelette every morning.
If you are short on time in the morning, but still want a breakfast that will keep you full, egg cups are a perfect solution. Pop them in the microwave for one minute, and just like that, you have a hot and healthy breakfast to power your morning. I was skeptical at first about how these would taste reheated in the microwave, and they are great! The texture and taste are just like a freshly cooked egg, without the stack of dirty dishes in the sink. Speaking of dirty dishes, that’s my least favorite thing about making omelettes. I like to load my omelettes with lots of veggies like spinach, bell pepper and onion. It’s a lot of work to chop up vegetables for only a small serving. With these egg cups, I can make breakfast for a week and only clean up my mess once!

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