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Cinnamon Sugar Bagels

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October is almost over, and I am excited to share this month’s bagel for the Bagel Challenge! Cinnamon Sugar is Luke’s favorite bagel, and it took several attempts to get this bagel just right. The extra effort was definitely worth it- the bagels are deliciously sweet and bursting with cinnamon. I’ll always be partial to my pumpkin spice bagels, but these cinnamon sugar bagels are worthy competition. I was inspired by Breugger’s cinnamon sugar bagel and Panera’s cinnamon crunch bagel. I love the texture of Bruegger’s bagel, but it lacks cinnamon flavor. Panera’s bagel is topped with an amazing crunchy cinnamon topping, but I was disappointed by the cake-like consistency. After experimenting, we were able to capture the texture of Bruegger’s bagel and the satisfying crunch

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