Oatmeal Cranberry Pecan Cookies

oatmeal cranberry pecan cookiesOne of the many perks of working at a university are the beginning of semester festivities. One of the favorite traditions (for students and staff alike) is “cookie week”, when university staff pass out cookies to welcome students and faculty back to campus. The most popular cookies are cranberry walnut. These massive cookies are soft and gooey and packed with enough oatmeal, cranberries and nuts that we can pretend they are healthy (they’re not, I read the nutrition facts once). Now that we are half way into the spring semester, the next cookie week (and batch of cranberry cookies!) is more than two months away. Instead I made my own!

I decided to swap out the walnuts for pecans because I prefer pecans, and I didn’t have any walnuts and was not in the mood to run to the store. I think the pecans go nicely with the cranberries- even better than the walnuts! My go-to oatmeal cookie recipe actually came from the side of a can of oats, and it lent itself well to oatmeal cranberry pecan cookies! I’d recommend using dark brown sugar for a richer flavor, and if you like, you can use coconut oil instead of vegetable shortening (the cookies will spread out more, so make sure they have plenty of space).

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