Banana Cookies

banana cookie collageWith only a handful of ingredients, these delicious and nutritious banana cookies are easily one of my favorite snacks.

Friends, there a two recipe claims I am sick of hearing. The first is that a recipe only has 2 or 3 ingredients, but one of the ingredients is cake mix or cream of something soup (gross). The second is when a recipe claims to be healthy or “skinny”, and the nutritional information is downright scary. I promise this is not the case with these cookies.

These banana cookies have become my favorite post-workout snack. I usually crave sweets when I exercise (not a great habit), and these cookies satisfy my craving and won’t negate my hard work in the gym! The basic recipe is one banana to ½ cup of oats, but I like to add mix-ins like cinnamon, chocolate chips and toasted coconut. Delicious and guilt free- that’s my kind of cookie!

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