Overnight Pumpkin Pie Rolls

Pumpkin Pie RollsNovember is here, which means Thanksgiving planning season has officially begun in my family. The emails start to pour in just as the last trick-or-treaters head home. October ends with Halloween and November begins every year with an enthusiastic email from my aunt titled “THANKSGIVING!!!!!” What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Where should we have for Thanksgiving dinner? Who is bringing the pie? Your cousin might be in town, can someone forward this email to him? What are your in-laws’ plans? Is this your first Thanksgiving as a married couple??? (Nope, it’s our third.) Does anyone even like sweet potatoes? YES WE LIKE THE SWEET POTATOES. And so on and so forth.

I’ve had Thanksgiving on my mind all week, and with all the talk of turkey and my cousin’s favorite sweet potatoes, I’ve been craving my favorite Thanksgiving treat- Pumpkin Pie. If you’ve been following the blog for  a while, you know I have a pretty serious pumpkin addiction. I bake pumpkin spice bagels year round, and I started drinking iced pumpkin spice lattes in July with no shame. Flipping through my recipe book, I found my overnight cinnamon rolls recipe. Scrumptious, hearty whole wheat cinnamon rolls just waiting to be pumpkin-fied. And just like that, pumpkin pie rolls were born.

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Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon RollsAfter months of busy weekends, Luke and I finally got a quiet weekend to ourselves. Since he has been working almost every Saturday morning for the past six months, I wanted to make him something special for breakfast. He loves cinnamon rolls, but after reading the nutritional information on the sickly-sweet canned cinnamon rolls at the grocery store, I wasn’t about to purchase them.


Determined to make my own, I began searching for a recipe. Scanning the list of ingredients, my hopes fell. Half a cup of butter and several tablespoons of shortening in the dough alone?  Plus more in the filling and icing? No thanks. I’d all but given up on cinnamon rolls when I found this lighter recipe. I’m not going to pretend that these cinnamon rolls are in any way healthy, but compared to most cinnamon roll recipes, and certainly the canned ones, these are very light. The texture is much more cake-like than traditional flaky cinnamon rolls, which I prefer. There’s much less butter and sugar without losing the cinnamon roll flavor you know and love. And cream cheese frosting- lots of cream cheese frosting.

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