Summer Vegetable Bake

 summer vegetable bake

Welcome to summer, friends! I took an unplanned blog-hiatus in May to attend to some family things, and while it was great to spend more time with my family, it feels so good to be back!

One of my favorite things about summer is fresh vegetables! There’s nothing better than coming home with delicious local produce from the farmer’s market. It might still be a little too early for the farmer’s market near me, but with my favorite veggies on sale at the grocery store, I’m basking in all the summery recipes. Zucchini has been on sale at the grocery store, and the vegetable crisper in my refrigerator is overflowing with fresh veggies- a wonderful problem to have. We’ve been experimenting with just about every way to eat zucchini, and this summer vegetable bake is one of my favorites!

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