Easter Egg Cakes

Easter Egg CakesDon’t these cupcakes look delicious? No, the picture above isn’t of hard boiled eggs. Just cupcakes. Or as we like to call them, Easter Egg Cakes.

Five years ago, I was living in Southern France with a host family. Their four-year-old son was very excited to paint eggs for Easter. Like most kids in the US, I grew up dyeing hard boiled eggs, which were eaten within a few days. I was very curious when my host mom pulled out a set of shadow boxes, holding an eggs her sons had painted each year for Easter. How could she save eggs year after year without them rotting? The answer was by only saving the shells. My host family showed me how to drain, clean and prepare eggs to paint. Once dry, everyone picked their favorite egg for the shadow box, and the rest were displayed around the house. I so enjoyed this twist on a familiar tradition that I brought it home and painted eggshells with my family for Easter the next year. I’ve always broken and discarded eggshells, and the idea of carefully preserving them was foreign and intriguing. What other unexpected ways could I use eggshells?

Would you have ever believed that eggshells make terrific cupcake molds? At first glance, these eggs look like hard boiled eggs decorated for Easter. Crack them open, and they are full of cake! Magic. Do you remember being a kid a getting completely caught up in the magic and wonderment of every holiday? These cake-filled eggs bring me right back to those days.

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Best Ever Banana Cake

Banana CakeHands down, this is the best ever banana cake. It’s rich, moist and very, very banana-y. While some banana cakes have a subtle banana flavor, this one is unapologetic. If you love bananas, you will love this cake. The tangy cream cheese frosting balances perfectly with this sweet cake.

This recipe is from my cousin Dani. Several summers ago she and her family were visiting from Arizona and we decided to make a cake. We had a big group, so we decided to double the recipe. Except we forgot to check how much cake the original recipe would make. As we added ingredients, our batter got larger and larger, and we started searching for bigger mixing bowls, and eventually ended up using one of Grandma’s large stock pots to mix the batter. Whoops. We baked enough banana cake to feed our entire family, extended family, and still have left overs.

Banana Cake
Yup. This happened. We made cake in a pot.

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Freezing and Defrosting Your Wedding Cake


How to Freeze Your Wedding CakeOne week ago, Luke and I celebrated our first anniversary. While I was looking forward to dinner and the other things we had planned, I was most excited to enjoy a slice of wedding cake and reclaim space in my freezer!

Of all the wedding traditions, saving the top tier of the cake is one of the strangest. In the states, tradition dictates couples enjoy a piece of cake on their first anniversary. I understand British couples save their cake until the birth of their first child. Historically, British couples send cake to guests unable to attend the wedding- there are even special mailing boxes for this exact purpose. Wedding cake in England is usually fruitcake, which is practically indestructible.

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