25 Goals for 25

25 Goals for 25Today is my 25th birthday- No April Fool’s here!
To be honest, I’m more excited about my free birthday drink from Caribou than actually turning 25. Guess I’ve just never been that into birthdays- maybe years of hearing APRIL FOOLS- It’s not really your birthday! rendered the date itself a little less important.

What is important is celebrating the past year, and the year to come. I’m not going to sugarcoat it- 24 was a hard year. I lost my first grandparent, had some health issues, and dealt with some difficult situations at work. But for every difficult moment, there were wonderful ones too. Watching a dear friend get married. Luke finally graduating from college. Hiking with my family in state parks.

I’m looking forward to all 25 has to bring, and can’t wait for new adventures. Here are my goals for the new year: 25 goals for 25.

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