Life Lately- June 2017

Life LatelyTime has absolutely flown by the last few months, and it’s hard to believe June is already here. As life got busy, my blog was pushed to the back burner, but I’m ready to start up again this summer. I’ve really missed blogging over the last few months.

The number one reason I had to put my blog on hold is…

I got a new job!

Those closest to me know I’ve been quietly job hunting for sometime now. I had a great position working with some great people, but it was a job, not a career. If you’ve been job hunting lately, you know it can feel like a second job. I would work an 8 hour day and then come home and job hunt for 2-3 hours and spend the whole weekend working on my interview skills and polishing my resume. It was exhausting.
It was worth the wait. In February, I started my “dream job” working with surveys and data analysis. It’s challenging, but I love it! With the new job came new hours- lately I’ve been working 50 hour weeks! I’m still learning to balance my work and home responsibilities, but this job has been such a blessing. My new job is in Downtown Minneapolis, which has been another big change. Luke and I used to carpool almost every day, and now I’m walking to the light rail station and riding the train downtown every morning. My commute is a little longer, but reading a book on the train is much more enjoyable than sitting in traffic. My new job is less than two miles from my old one, but the culture of downtown is drastically different than the Philips neighborhood.
Expect to see some posts this summer about work-life balance, embracing your career and my obsession with public transportation.
Life Lately June 2017

My little brother is getting married!

I’ve mentioned this before, but my brother is getting married this summer! My brother and I have always been really close, and I absolutely adore his fiancée. She fits into our family perfectly.  It’s hard to believe their wedding is only two months away. My summer is filling up with bridal showers, a bachelorette party, dress fittings and maybe even an invitation stuffing party, and of course an entire weekend of celebration for their August wedding.
Expect to see posts about bridal showers, getting in shape for the big day, and general gushing about how much I love my new sister-in-law.
Finally, our last bit of news:

We are debt free!

Like an enormous percentage of our peers, my husband and I had student loan debt that we really wanted to pay off. After a lot of hard work, we paid everything off in March! Being debt free feels awesome, and it’s amazing how quickly we are making progress on other financial goals without worrying about monthly payments. Even though this isn’t a finance blog, I’m planning to share our story because hearing other people’s stories was so motivating for us when we were working towards a seemingly impossible goal.
Life Lately June 2017
What about the reducing food waste series?
It’s coming. I had the series all planned out for February, and then my new job started and life got in the way. We are still learning a lot about reducing food waste in our home, but after making some changes and seeing big results, I’m excited to share this series soon!
Thanks for sticking around, friends! Can’t wait to share some awesome content with you this summer.
Love, Ingrid




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