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YummlyIf you’re like me, you’ve probably logged into Pinterest looking for a dinner recipe, and ten minutes later you’ve pinned recipes for brownies, cookies and other delicious looking desserts and completely forgot about dinner. Oops. Don’t get me wrong- I’m a huge fan of Pinterest, but sometimes browsing for recipes is downright annoying. A friend referred me to Yummly, or as she called it, “Pinterest for Recipes”. Yummly is a great resource for browsing recipes, and instead of browsing the enormous “Food & Drink” category on Pinterest, I can browse “Breakfast”, “Soups” and let’s be honest, “Desserts”.

Using Yummly is simple- create an account (you can browse without one, but what is the point of browsing delicious recipes if you can’t find any of them later?), and start saving recipes to your recipe box. Similar to Pinterest, Yummly’s home page features recipes picked for you, but you can also browse categories or search for something more specific. When you find a recipe you like, simply click the orange “yum” icon to save it to your recipe box. You may also divide your recipe box into “collections” making recipes easier to find later.

My Yummly “Just for You” Page. Apparently I need more cake in my life.

One of my favorite features on Yummly is the Taste Preferences tab. Here, you can indicate dietary restrictions or allergies, and select your favorite types of cuisines. Yummly uses this information to recommend recipes, which I love! You can also indicate ingredients or food you don’t like to further customize Yummly’s picks.

Another great feature is the discussion page, where you can ask cooking or baking questions and get answers from other users. The discussion page has a search function, so you can check to see if your question has already been answered somewhere else. There are so many people on Yummly who know much more about cooking than I do and have great insight and advice.

You may have noticed that I’ve been re-formatting the recipes on my blog. All recipes on this blog are now Yummly compatible, so you can easily save a recipe to your recipe box by clicking the orange “yum” tab.


Ready to try it? Start your own recipe box here, and be sure to check out my Yummly page for more great recipes!


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