Everyday Thankful

everyday thankfulHere we are- less than one week before Thanksgiving. This time of year, we are encouraged to slow down and count our blessings, taking time to be thankful. Our family always begins the Thanksgiving meal with everyone sharing one thing that they are thankful for within the past year. It’s important to remember to give thanks. But what about the rest of the year?

My husband Luke and I both have jobs we enjoy. But like any job, we have bad days, we have frustrating days, we have days when we have to work long hours or deal with difficult people. Earlier this month, we both came home after a bad day at work, and decompressed over dinner. As dinner went on, we spiraled into complaining about our jobs. Finally, my husband asked me if I would prefer to go back to my old job. “Of course not,” I replied. My old job was not a good fit for me, the company treated its employees poorly, and I dreaded going to work each day. I launched into how excited I was to get my current job, how much better they treated me, how much I enjoyed being there. Luke joined in as well. He worked a series of less than desirable jobs in college- fast food, setting up tents for an event company, more fast food… We celebrated when he got a job at his current company.

And here we were, both complaining about these jobs for which we are so thankful. I am thankful that we are both gainfully employed, and can pay our rent and buy groceries. I am thankful that we both work for good companies and have great coworkers. I am thankful that even though our hours aren’t ideal, we can still have dinner together every night and get to spend weekends together. It is so easy to lose sight of these things everyday and forget all the blessings around us.

This Thanksgiving, we are challenging ourselves to be better- to be “everyday thankful”. We have started sharing one thing we are thankful for every night at dinner- and then writing them down in a journal. Some days finding something to be thankful for is easy, other days it is hard. We intend to continue this habit long after thanksgiving and strive to recognize the blessings in our everyday lives. One of my college roommates embarked on a similar project in 2014. She started a Facebook album where she shared one photo each day, representing what she was thankful for that day. Some days they were big things, others they were small.

Are you everyday thankful? Will you join us in giving thanks every day, not just during the month of Thanksgiving? I’m looking forward to this new attitude giving us a different perspective as we wrap up 2015 and look forward to the new year.

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