Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

peanut butter and banana smoothieSmoothies are my favorite breakfast during the summer. They are quick and easy to make, and portable for mornings on the go. I also love their versatility- I make a smoothie almost every morning for breakfast and never get bored.

My go-to has always been peanut butter and banana smoothie with a little chocolate (because everything is better with chocolate). Such a delicious combination, and the perfect fuel for a busy morning or post-workout snack. However, when I started paying more attention to what I was eating, I realized my favorite “healthy” smoothie wasn’t as nutritious as I had though. With a big dollop of peanut butter, sugary yogurt and the occasional chocolate chips, it was more like ice cream than a healthful smoothie.

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Tropical Sangria

Tropical SangriaThe 2016 Olympic Games are underway, and I am obsessed! My family and I love sports, and the Olympics are no exception. Every two years, my family is practically glued to the TV watching the summer or winter games. There’s nothing more inspiring than watching the world’s greatest athletes compete. Gymnastics is my favorite sport to watch (both men’s and women’s!), but according to my husband, every sport is my favorite. I love swimming and diving and whitewater kayaking and soccer and volleyball and track… or whatever is on at the moment. Clearly I’m an Olympics junkie! The host city, Rio de Janeiro, was the inspiration for this sangria. Bright, colorful, bubbly, fruity and sweet, tropical sangria is perfect for sipping on warm summer nights, or while cheering on your favorite athletes. This tropical sangria is like summer in glass.

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