Spiral Cookies

spiral cookies10wSomething about these spiral cookies makes me smile every time I see them. These cookies are so fun with their bright color, distinctive spiral and generous coating of sprinkles. They are also super fun to make- just pop the ingredients in your food processor or mixer, process, roll, slice and bake. And eat. These cute little cookies demand to be eaten.

In addition to being fun, these cookies are incredibly versatile. The base recipe is a buttery shortbread-like cookie, and virtually any flavor can be added to the dough. I like to make peppermint cookies for Christmas with green or red spirals (pictured). Try a fruity flavor like strawberry, paired with bright colored dough and fun sprinkles for a birthday party. Or coordinate with your favorite team’s colors for a Super Bowl Party. The options are endless!

Update- for my Broncos “Orange Crush” spiral cookies, I dyed the vanilla dough blue and used orange extract to flavor the second dough. The resulting flavor was like a Dreamsicle. 

Spiral Cookies
Purple Pinwheels
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Gingerbread Cookies

GingerbreadWhen I was growing up, we didn’t make many Christmas cookies. Several of our neighbors would make batches upon batches of cookies and give them as gifts, which meant our house was filled with delicious treats without any of us turning on the oven. I enjoyed so many amazing Christmas cookies over the years, all baked by our generous friends. I no longer live in that neighborhood, and confess I miss all those treats. For our date night last weekend, Luke and I decided to bake Christmas cookies. At the top of my list was a recipe I’ve always loved, but never made before- gingerbread.

My perfect gingerbread is deliciously spicy, but still sweet and soft in the center, but still firm on the edges. This gingerbread meets all the requirements and it is so easy to make! It’s delicious with or without icing (personally, I’m not an icing person, mostly because I eat the cookies before they can be iced. Whoops). They are also dangerously addicting- I had to bring them in to work to keep myself from eating them all myself.

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Banana Cookies

banana cookie collageWith only a handful of ingredients, these delicious and nutritious banana cookies are easily one of my favorite snacks.

Friends, there a two recipe claims I am sick of hearing. The first is that a recipe only has 2 or 3 ingredients, but one of the ingredients is cake mix or cream of something soup (gross). The second is when a recipe claims to be healthy or “skinny”, and the nutritional information is downright scary. I promise this is not the case with these cookies.

These banana cookies have become my favorite post-workout snack. I usually crave sweets when I exercise (not a great habit), and these cookies satisfy my craving and won’t negate my hard work in the gym! The basic recipe is one banana to ½ cup of oats, but I like to add mix-ins like cinnamon, chocolate chips and toasted coconut. Delicious and guilt free- that’s my kind of cookie!

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Chocolate Sangria Cake

Chocolate Sangria CakeMy parents were out of town this past weekend, and Luke and I volunteered to dog sit. Our apartment doesn’t allow pets, so it usually makes the most sense to pack up our bags and spend the weekend at my parents’ house. Gunnar, the family dog, loves this arrangement. Long walks, trips to the park, hours of playing tug of war with Luke- what’s not to love?

Whenever we dog sit, my mom makes a list of food we should use, lest it goes bad before it she returns. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, a new kind of cereal my dad didn’t like; these are all typical list items that Luke and I are happy to use. This time, the list included something unusual: Sangria.

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